As a reminder, don’t forget to go to the dentist before December 31, 2015 or you will drop down in your coverage level.

This is a reminder to all County Schools' employees regarding their dental coverage provided by San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools (SBCSS).  The dental plan provided by SBCSS, is an employer-sponsored benefit through Delta Dental of California.  Both dentals plans offered to employees are incentive driven plans. 

The dental benefit incentive plan is designed to encourage regular visits to the dentist to keep teeth and gums healthy.  For those who don’t visit the dentist during a calendar year, benefits will drop 10 percent beginning January 1 the following year.  Seventy-percent coverage is the lowest level.

For example:  For those who are currently at the 100 percent coverage level and did not visit the dentist in 2015, benefits will drop to the 90 percent coverage level beginning January 1, 2016.

The incentive rank is applied to each enrolled family member separately.  This means if most family members go to the dentist before December 31 each year and one family member did not, then only the dependent that did not go will drop down 10 percent in coverage beginning January 1.  Hopefully, the dependent that did not go in 2015 will go to the dentist in 2016.  If so, the dependent will regain the 10 percent coverage beginning January 1, 2017.