Chiropractic benefits are available for employees on all the Anthem HMO, PPO, and Kaiser HMO plans. Employees enrolled in Kaiser’s high-deductible health plan do not have this benefit.

Any family member currently enrolled on an eligible medical plan from SBCSS can utilize this essential benefit without a referral from their plan physician. The co-payment is $10 a visit, up to 30 visits in a calendar year. Anthem PPO members will required to pay full cost, if deductible has not been met and then appropriate co-insurance related to your plan design.

Kaiser members can check the directory of providers with American Specialty Health (A.S.H.) by clicking here. Although their name is on the list, check with provider to verify if they are still an eligible provider for ASH before receiving treatment.

Anthem Blue Cross HMO and PPO members can find providers by obtaining a list at the carrier’s website at Select the link "Find a Doctor," next select chiropractic under "Who Specializes In" field following by zip code of your choice.

Chiropractic services are medically necessary to treat or diagnose neuromusculoskeletal disorders. Getting treatment at a chiropractic facility within one year of applying for disability policy could disqualify you from coverage. Employees with active disability policies will not be affected.