Like many people attending to family, pets, work deadlines and other obligations, it often means that taking time to care for your own physical, mental and emotional health gets moved off the to-do list. But attending to self-care is absolutely essential to build resilience to stress, improving your stamina, relationships and even your job performance! Here are a few ways to put self-care prominently on your list this year:

Mark “me time” on your calendar. Whether it’s 15 minutes during your work break to read a book or a half hour to walk at the start of the day, make sure you carve out time each day for a restorative activity.

Jot down routine health checkups and screenings. Self-care includes maintaining optimal health! Schedule your annual physical exam, dental cleanings, needed immunizations, and, if applicable, a mammogram or other screening. Make sure you get regular blood pressure checks and any necessary lab work.

Cook at home more whenever possible. Eating home-cooked food with wholesome ingredients is generally more nourishing than serving up microwaved or packaged food, which is often laden with salt, sugar and fat. Trying out easy, healthy recipes can stoke your creativity, while sharing meal prep and cooking with family or friends can bring you closer together.

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