Dear SBCSS Team,

Our thoughts go out to the staff, families and students who have been affected by the El Dorado fire. It has been a stressful time adjusting to new learning environments and staying vigilant on advisories from the San Bernardino County Fire Department. We are grateful to the firefighters, pilots and law enforcement officers for their dedication to save lives and to protect homes and businesses.

Positive news has echoed through our county with Lucerne Valley Unified School District successfully bringing students and staff back to campus for in-person instruction for grades TK-6. Lucerne Valley Elementary is following a hybrid model; staff and students attend school in-person two days a week with the rest of the school week being conducted virtually. All staff and students are abiding safety precautions and public health guidelines and are actively engaged in classroom instruction.

Superintendent’s Message
“We remain a country full of hope for the future of our children. A country that believes in the potential of every student to transform their life through education.” View this week’s message.

Business Services
Business Services’ departments continue to work together as a team to provide services to Rialto Unified School District in the wake of its recent malware attack. Purchasing directors and facility planners have resumed their bimonthly meetings. The meetings provide peer support and opportunities to share best practices during the COVID-19 pandemic. In response to signal issues with Frontier Communications, Maintenance, Operations and Transportation recently installed a Voice Over Internet Protocol telephone system at the Norma Covert Early Education Center. Technology Services will be placing phones on separate virtual local areas to improve service.

Education Support Services
The Prevention and Intervention team hosted the first session of the Social Emotional Learning Leadership series. More than 90 participants, from districts across Southern California, attended the morning and afternoon sessions. SBCSS, Riverside, San Diego and Alameda County are partnering together to share strategies and efforts to support the role of County Offices in distance learning using Canvas. Canvas is a course management system that supports online learning and teaching. This year, three districts within San Bernardino County have successfully launched Canvas. Next steps include supporting the RIMS AVID team in launching their regional trainings using the online platform. AVID and the California Student Opportunity and Access Program (CalSOAP) will be hosting a free virtual college fair on Sept. 24. The fair will consist of college information and financial aid process breakouts, opportunity drawings and college representatives from CSUs, UCs, private and out-of-state colleges. Sessions will be offered for students, parents and educators. Stay tuned for additional details.

Human Resources
Human Resources has been diligently working with Student Services to ensure that students and staff at Lucerne Valley and Bear Valley school districts have the tools they need to be successful with in-person instruction. The SBCSS Workplace Transition Plan and Protocols have served as a helpful tool. We will continue to work closely with labor and all stakeholders to align with the California Department of Public Health guidelines to provide quality instruction and support for our students and staff.

Innovation and Engagement
The Alliance for Education/ROP team is creating professional development modules to assist with building Innovation and Engagement branch’s capacity using online platforms. The team is also in the process of developing micro-internships and piloting a launch in the first two weeks of October. The Healthy SBCSS team partnered with KVCR to develop four wellness features to run during the month of Sept. in support of Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. The series is called Wellness for Times of Uncertainty. The four-part series will include bipolar disorder during social isolation, grief sensitivity, youth mental health first aid training and youth suicide and the link between social media and depression. The series will be available through the end of the month.

Office of the Superintendent
County Superintendent Ted Alejandre welcomed participants at a KQED webinar on Distance Learning Needs with Public Media. The webinar focused on how schools, districts and county offices have successfully used public media resources to strengthen distance learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. At this month’s board meeting, The San Bernardino County Board of Education and Ted Alejandre recognized retiring SBCSS staff. Congratulations to State Preschool Operations Manager Becky Thams, East Valley Operations Teacher Lindamae Lopez, Principal George Bowser and Principal Regina Criswell Ed.D. for their years of service in education. Thank you all for your hard work and best wishes on your new journey!

Student Services
On Sept. 10, alternative education principals and staff participated in a webinar titled, Lifting As We Climb with Chief of Equity and Access Cherina Betters, Ed.D.. The webinar is the first in a year-long series that will focus on building positive relationships for every student through authentic learning, equity and access.

Student Services first small cohort started at Lucerne Valley High School on Sept. 10. Both students and staff were happy to be back in school. Students and staff were socially distanced and also wore face shields/and or face masks as appropriate. SS will continue to work with staff and association leaders to ensure a safe return to school for both employees and students.

Technology Services
Technology Services continues to assist Student Services with the preparation and delivery of T-Mobile hotspots and devices for distance learning. The Digital Learning Services team delivered an EdTech Tools webinar for the teachers at Dorothy Gibson County High School. The DLS team focused on helping teachers improve their distance learning skills when delivering synchronous and asynchronous instruction. On Oct. 10-11, TS will be doing maintenance over the weekend. Access to the internet and Financial 2000 may be interrupted during this time. The team will try and keep any service interruptions to a minimum. If you have questions, please contact TS at 909.381.8585 or through email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We Need You!
As of today, all SBCSS employees will receive a KACE alert with a reminder to conduct a daily wellness self-check for COVID-19 related symptoms. The notification is set to be delivered at 7:30 a.m. every weekday and will be seen when employees first login to their computer. Staff must acknowledge the message by clicking on the OK button in the notification window. Please take time to consider whether or not you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed. If you did not receive the Daily Wellness Check notification from the KACE system, please contact the Technical Services Helpdesk at 909-381-8585.

Please stay safe and continue to adhere to public health and safety guidelines.